howto powerup Quantum 6.25


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howto powerup Quantum 6.25

I have a Quantum 6.25 Craftsman mower. I'd like to increase the power. What are my options? I see lots of hot rod parts for Briggs 5hp go karts and such - is any of this compatible w/ the quantum line?

What is the difference between the quantum 6.25 and 6.75? 1/2 hp could make a noticeable difference.

Just wondering if its just a matter of a bigger main jet and removing the muffler or not worth the trouble.

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I put zero stock in the horsepower on the label. The exact same parts right down to the number go into many engines with different HP ratings. The ratings are manipulated and exaggerated for marketing purposes. In fact, there is a lawsuit about it now.

The performance parts you see for kart engines won't work in your engine. If your engine isn't making the grade in pretty much any situation you hand it, then there is probably something wrong.

The easiest way to increase power is to rev it up a ittle. I find many push mower engines are set a little low anyway. Keep in mind that most anything you do to a small engine to increase output also decreases life expectancy.

Use synthetic oil, rev it up a little, adapt to a free flowing exhaust (but not by totally removing the exhaust), and you should get some increase in performance without suffering much in the way of engine life.

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