Tecumseh giving me trouble

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Tecumseh giving me trouble

I have an MTD mower with a Tecumseh OHV130-206820b motor. It was a well used hand-me-down when I got it 4 years ago but has served me well up until now. It starts pretty easily and runs great for about 10 minutes but after that it is terrbile. It has very little power and the RPMs are constantly surging and hunting. If I unload the motor by disengaging the mower blade or taking it out of gear it runs better. I have cleaned out the carb, the tank is venting properly, the fuel lines are clear. I suspect I have a fuel problem, but I don't know what else to do. Any help would be appreciated. I am on the verge of pushing the thing off a cliff, the only problem is then I would have to shell out for a new one. Please help.
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When you cleaned out the carburetor, did you replace the O-Ring seal behind the main jet and on the main jet tube?

These are often overlooked and are very important for proper operation of this carburetor. The O-Ring behind the main jet often closes up and restricts fuel flow. The one on the tube can shrink up and and not seal good also.
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I take it you had this problem before going through the fuel system and carb? It sounds like you are running fresh fuel. Time to take a compression test and see if it is do for a valve grind or rings. If it looses power when it gets warm - but still run without a load you may have valves that are not seating fully.

Just a thought !! Check the compression..

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