Honda HRX217 Transmission Issue


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Honda HRX217 Transmission Issue

Mower does not roll freely in reverse. Cables, springs, levers controlling the transmission appear to be adjusted properly.
Any suggestions?
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The control arm return spring may have come off or broke. The control arm is on the transmission where the clutch cable hooks up.
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Honda HRX217 Rear wheel locking when going backward

I have a HRX217 HXC . I believe the C stand for Canadian so if you live in USA the C would be replace by an A. I had the same problem with my lawnmower, the back wheels would lock up when trying to go backward. If your lawnmower had no problem moving forward than the transmission is not the problem. I did fix the problem by changing the transmission cable and oiling the return spring. Make sure the control arm attached to the spring returns freely. The spring on my lawnmower was in good shape so I just put some oil on it. My lawnmower is 12 years old and it started doing that intermittently two years ago. You can fix it yourself it is not difficult. There is video on youtube showing how to access the transmission, very well done The video is supposed to be for HRX537 but I found that model identical to HRX217 as far as details for reaching the transmission. You can find the parts diagram at Lawn Mower Parts, Small Engine Parts & Much More! | - Briggs, MTD, Toro, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Troy-bilt... . You may have problems removing the bolts holding the plates securing the shutter in place or even the blades. I tried WD-40 but it didn't work. I bought an 22 socket wrench breaker bar but it broke my socket. I had to buy a socket for air impact tools. While your at it you may as well do some more maintenance like removing the back wheels and the little gears and put grease on the bushing an ratchet. It's well worth it. You will need circlip pliers. Make sure you don't loose the little spring and ratchet key under the gears. You may also find that the shutter arm is completely rusted and needs to be changed including the bolt, washer, collar and nut. I also changed the clutch cable. The vbelt didn't need to be changed and the mechanic at my Honda dealer told me he's never changed one. Before starting I took a pressure washer and cleaned up everywhere including the engine. You may also sharpen the blades. My 12 years old mower is now like new.

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