B&S 18HP Carb Rebuild - HELP Please


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B&S 18HP Carb Rebuild - HELP Please

Hello everyone, new to the scene. Hoping for some quick help, got some tall grass and a dead mower.

Here is what I have.

Model 422707
Type 1214 01
Code 91012832

I bought the carb rebuild kit (694056). I took off the carb, I soaked, sprayed, blew passages out, etc...

Put back together, cranks, runs about 10 secs only full choke, and then dies.

I didnt replace the seat, so to be safe, figured I better since I got a new one. Thats when the problem started. I cannot get it out. It appears to be pressed in. I started tapping it a bit with a 1/4 in bit, but stopped not knowing what it would hurt. So, of course now that one is ruined, and I need to get it out?

I got 3 different screws in the rebuild kit, is one possible a self threading screw to use for this??

2 other things.

How do I adjust the float to be correct level? What is the correct level?

Do I need to use the small rubber donut ring in the kit? I didnt see one in the carb to replace? Hate to leave parts out.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello ctfortner,

Sounds like you've already taken the plunge and there's no turning back now, heh. I'd say 99.99999% of the time, the original seat stays put. Since yours is now damaged, I guess it has to come out.

I don't recall what screws come with that kit, but if one of them has a notch cut into the threads near at the end of it, then it's a self-tapping screw. You should be able to thread the screw into the seat and get it to turn, then use the screw to remove it by turning while pulling it. Set the new seat into the carb housing until flush with the housing.

If yours has the plastic float, there is no way to adjust it. If it is brass, you can bend the tab that the float rests on to change flaot height to be level with/parralell to the carb top when held upside down.

The donut ring is probably the gasket around the drain plug on the side of the carb. Also, did you remove and clean the main jet and the area behind it? It is accessed through the drain plug hole with a 3/16" allen wrench.
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Thanks cheese.

I have made a bit of progress since, got the seat removed and new one installed and flush.

Mine has the brass float, and I dont see any way to make it parallel to the carb body, I will have to get a pic to show you what I mean.

My main issue now is getting NO fuel. I rebuilt the fuel pump, and cant tell for sure where the 2 small copper springs go. I can see where one of them goes, cuase there is a nob there for it. I dont know if i am supposed to use both copper springs or just one?? Do you know? If I do use both, where does the other go? I have one copper spring on the fuel pump body, the side that attaches to the carb. I was told the other was to go on the other side of the fuel pump body, but there is not post there for it to go, so i dont know if it does or not.

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