Rebuilt 30 Yr old Lawn-Boy...IT IS ALIVE!!!!!!!


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Talking Rebuilt 30 Yr old Lawn-Boy...IT IS ALIVE!!!!!!!

30Yeartech,,Thanks for all your input! My rebuild project cranked on the first pull! I really enjoyed this project. It is probably a good thing it did not crank before as some rusted bearings probably would have self destructed soon after. I guess it must have been the old dry leaky seals not letting it start. I put all new bearings, rings, seals. reed valve, gaskets, primer, spark plug and gas lines for about $80 Now with a little paint I'll have a "brand new" mower. I just need it for some places hard to get my rider and I love the ole lightweight Lawn-Boy that can run "upside down" if I need it to!
Thanks again for all the friendly advice!!!!

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Your Welcome

That's Great to hear. I really like the old Lawnboy's too bad they can't make the 2-cycle ones anymore.
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Good job! It's always satisfying when a project works out like you want it to. I have little experience with lawnboys since we have no dealer here and haven't for quite some time. 30yearTech is full of good advice though, as you've found out.

I do know those old lawnboy 2-strokes could stroll through the thickest grass like a cakewalk.
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Originally Posted by cheese View Post

I do know those old lawnboy 2-strokes could stroll through the thickest grass like a cakewalk.
Yeah that remind me they were pretty tough motor and they do seems have plenty grunts to run thru thick grass beside that and I have other mower it have Hatz diesel engine { 4.5 HP } I ran thru very thick grass and it did not bog the diesel engine down until i hit one area where got my discharge port clogged up with grass clippings.

My Freind he have 7 HP Briggs and Stration engine and that got bogged pretty fast with thick grass. { yeah I did verify the engine ran properly }


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