Help with Honda 3011 hydro mower


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Help with Honda 3011 hydro mower

New here but sure looks like a great place to be.
I have a Honda 3011 hydro and have owners manual.

The warning alarm goes off and then the engine cuts off and I am reasonably sure it is the parking brake causing the problem.
Because it had started doing this a few times in the past and when I "popped" the brake leaver it would keep running.

The only manual I have looks like the green/yellow wire is the color to look for BUT I can't find it or the main block where it is attached.

Whew, long conversation to ask if anyone has shop manual and or directions that would get me running again.

Thanks a bunch for any and all suggestions.
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I don't remember for sure, but I believe the handbrake switch is mounted right there at the hand brake lever. Access it and verify that it's not stuck.

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