rototiller help


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rototiller help

tines on rototillr wont engage..act like they r bound up.
can i add oil,,,its a sears walk bhind 24 inch.
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chain or gear problem

You say they act like they're bound...does it stall the engine when you try to cut the tines on? That's what I would expect if they were bound. If you crank it up with the tines off the ground, and the tines turn, but won't turn when the tines are on the ground, the chain is probably stretched. That happened to me once; if that's your problem you'll need a new chain.
Adding oil won't help if it's a chain drive, it'll just make the next chain last longer. If it's a hydrostatic drive, (don't know if there is such a thing for rototillers,) then adding fluid may help.
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The sears number of the unit would help us determine the possible fix. A lot of these units were made by Poulan or American Yard Products. Some of the newer units are throwaways and you replace the entire drive assembly as they do not sell the repair parts.

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