Need Advice Toro Gas Weed Eater


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Need Advice Toro Gas Weed Eater

I have been given a Toro gas powered weed eater that needs some tlc. I got it to start and run for a few seconds at a time so I have assesed it will be worth my time to repair. Basically I think it just needs broken down and reassembled with new gaskets fitted and adjustments made. The thing is,looking on the Toro site I can't even tell that they even make gas trimmers let alone can I find a manual for breakdown and parts. I don't know a weedeaters workings from a hole in the ground,but I am a tinkerer and know I can do this with the right direction...(ie Assembly breakdown and adjuster specs.) The "Family # is SN4028UB24RA:EM Date code 801.

I will appreciate any help anyone can lend,Thanks,Charlie
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Well you are right in one respect, Toro does not make weed trimmers. Depending on the specific model of your trimmer it could come from one of many different manufacturers. There should be a Toro model number on the trimmer somewhere and is usually a 5 digit number. If you can find the model number I or someone here can most likely find the maker and point you in a direction for a parts break down and possibly some service info.

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