Sick Vanguard 18hp


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Sick Vanguard 18hp

Hello there, you lot seem to talk sense, can you help with this:
I have an Entec Woodchipper with a Briggs and Stratton 18hp Vanguard 350447 V twin engine.
It always started fine when cold but was horrible to get going when hot.
Last time out it wouldn't start from cold, eventually it coughed into life on one cylinder and smoke came billowing out of the exhaust followed by oil.
Does it sound like a blown head gasket? I took the heads off and one cylinder had oil in it.
The engine is coupled to a heavy rotor on the chipper via 3 v belts and is hard work to pull start. It says its low compression and must be run at idle before turning off but last time out it jammed some wood in and stalled when it was hot. As it is so hard to start when hot I put it away and when I tried it again today the problems showed. Thanks for any help. Nick
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I hope you don't mind, but I made your post into a new thread, so that your info doesn't get confused with the other unrelated info in the thread you replied to.

Does your oil smell like gas? Is it overfull with oil? The oil may have shot into the intake and cylinder when it stalled if it was working hard and then came to a sudden immediate halt. If so, it may also have a sheared flywheel key. I think I'd clean the heads, put them back with new plugs, gaskets and properly torque them, and if it still won't run, check the flywheel key.

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