Stihl Blower


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Stihl Blower

Customer bought me this blower for repair.Model BG75.I change the spark plug,and it ran for 30 seconds and then died,unable to get it started again.I checked the compression it showed 80#.I worked on a lot of trimmers and other blowers I like the compression to be above 120# or better.Is this blower worn out. i have not work on stihl equip.Mostly cheaper brands.

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Compression does sound like it's a little weak. I would pull the muffler off and have a look into the cylinder and at the piston and rings and see what that tells you.

Another test I use is to put about 1/2 an ounce of 2 cycle oil in the cylinder through the spark plug hole and slowly pull the starter rope to distribute it around a bit. Then I reinstall the plug and see if it will start and run, the oil brings up the compression somewhat and usually if its a compression issue. The engine will start and run good until all the oil gets used up and then it will return to the status quo. This lets you know that it's the compression that is keeping it from running.

Good Luck...
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Hey 30yeartech....that's the same trick I do. If it cranks up good with a bit of oil in the cylinder, but not without, then the compresion is the issue.
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I put oil in the cylinder,it only pop 1 time did not hit another lick.The cylinder had some light scratches,somebody already took out the sparkarrester.the rings were not stuck,I think this blower is junk.Thanks for the replies.


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