B&S 28N707 Problem


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Unhappy B&S 28N707 Problem

I have an old Craftsman 917.252510, 15HP that has seen alot of use.

It has started shutting off after about 5 min of cutting grass. The air filter, fuel filter and spark plug have been replaced.

Once the mower cools off it starts and runs with no issues, for about 5 min.
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Check sipmple things 1st, sunds like your gas cap may not be venting, this will cause machine to "run out of gas" after sitting it will restart and then do it again. 2nd when it dies immediately check and see if you have a spark.
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Check your fuel cap and make sure it's venting properly, when it dies, crack open the cap and see if it will restart and run ok with the cap loose. If it works this way then the vent in the cap is plugged and may need to be cleaned or the cap may need to be replaced, depending on the type of cap if it can be fixed or not.

Another thing to check is your ignition spark. When it dies, check to see if you still have spark to the spark plug. If no spark then you may have a problem with your ignition module.

Check these two items and post back with your findings and we can work from there.

Best of Luck...
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You two guys posted almost the exact same advice at the exact same time .

And I'll second that advice, or third it, or whatever...
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It looks like a fix

Well I'm no good at making log story short but I will try.

I took the mower out and attempted to cut the remainder of the grass. After running about 5 min or so it started sputtering. Tried loosing the gas cap it seemed to work so OK so I decided to try to verify it worked the same way twice, no luck.

My next goal was to try and get it to completly fail so I could test the ignition. This proved to take a while as it sat there idiling prefectly for over 5 min. I removed the plug and noticed that it had alot of oil on it, I didn't know if that was the reason it quit or if it was caused by the excessive sputtering it was doing before it quit. Cleaned the new plug(1 day old - less than 2 hours use). Also removed the new air filter and cleaned everything, with a vacuum present ao as not to drop anything in the carb. Then took apart the gas cap, I'm not sure it was meant to be apart. Cleaned the foam in the cap and reassembled.

It ran perfectly as I finished the other 1/2 of the 1.5 acres of the yard.

Now all I can say is thank you all very much.

The parting question I have is how much longer can I reasonably expect the 15 HP I/C Gold to hold up. I believe it is over 11 yrs old. Not counting preventative maint., I've spent more money in repairs on the mowing deck and the frame.

Again Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..
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How long to expect from it is nearly impossible to answer, but with proper care and a little luck, that engine may last beyond the useful life of the mower it's bolted to.

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