Lawnmower, Weedeater & Edger Questions


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Lawnmower, Weedeater & Edger Questions

I'm going to be updating my lawn equiptment and have a few questions/issues. I'd like some help from the members and some suggestions/comments:

1. Lawn Mower - I have a small lawn (45 minutes to mow on slow day).

a. Self Propeled or push? Why?

b. Brand? I had a Honda years ago and liked it but don't see them around any more. Suggestions?

c. To bag or not to bag? Suggestions?

2. Weedeater - I had an Echo straight shaft that I wore out. Do I want a curve shaft or stick with the straight.

a. Are Echo still up to speed? I've been happy with mine.

3. Edger - I'm old school and had a gas edger (the kind with the fan belt and the blade).

a. What about the kind that look like a weedeater with a blade (2 cycle shouler kind with wheel). Anybody have one of these?

b. Comments on old time gas edger and new one wheel kind? Suggetions?

c. Brand recommendations?

Thanks for your help.
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Lawnmower, well Honda is still around and one of the better brands, I like them but I would have to say Toro is my personal favorite.

Push vs Self Propel, well thats really up to you, but you should think about the future. If you purchase a top quality mower you can be using it for years to come (with proper maintenance) and you may not want to be pushing the thing 10 years from now!

I quit bagging 20 years ago in favor of mulching and have never been disapointed. If you have a lot of trees that drop leaves, then a bagging option may be good for fall clean up.

Echo trimmers are one of the best in my opinion, and you can get them with a split shaft that will accept different accessories, so this could cover your weed trimmer needs and edger needs as well. I use a trimmer style bladed edger, and I like it as well as my old wheeled edger as far as the edging goes, but I would have to say the wheeled edger was a bit easier to use. I only use the blade edger every once in awhile to clean out and establish the edge, I maintain my edge with the trimmer attachment most of the time.

As far as brand recomendations go for Lawnmowers I would consider Toro, Honda, Lawnboy, Snapper, and Ariens

For a wheeled edger I like McLane

And for handheld power equipment; Echo, Shindaiwa, Maruyama, Red Max and Husqvarna all have good equipment.

These are just my opinions from selling, servicing and owning these various brands over the years.

Best of luck in your quest...
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Thanks. I"m going to have a look at the split shaft ones.

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