older poulan chainsaw problem


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older poulan chainsaw problem

Hi all,I am hoping someone can help me with old chainsaw i just bought,it started up pretty easily but died out after a few seconds of running and will not restart.
I tried blowing through fuel line(going into carb) and nothing happened/i was unable to blow air into/through carb,not sure if this is ok or not/not sure i should be able to blow air into carb,thought it something to try though.
the fuel line came out of fuel tank prior to my blowing through it,and i noticed while trying to reinsert it into fuel tank, that it barely goes in/definetly does not reach bottom of tank or even halfway down,just barely goes in,is this right?
I took both ends off carb,the end with the one screw i noticed after removing the 2 gaskets,i could blow air through,but not once put back together and screw tightened.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you,notjoe.
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Model number would be helpful.

Yes, you should be able to blow through the carburetor, but it will usually take anywhere from about 8 to 12 lbs of pressure to unseat the inlet needle (so this is not something you can do by trying to blow through it with your mouth) unless of course it's stuck, then it could require more pressure.

It does sound like you have a fuel delivery problem, so most likely the carburetor needs to come off for inspection and possible cleaning / rebuilding.

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