What Tool To Remove Clutches?


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What Tool To Remove Clutches?

I have a Ryobi RY30002A trimmer that was given to me and the problem with it is that the clutch took a dump on it and it ate up the plastic on the shroud housing and I noticed the recoil pully is bent which is probably not allowing the recoil to function properly. Because I don't have special tools for this, I had to use what I had to remove the clutch. I stuck a screwdriver into the flywheel to keep it from moving then I stuck a allen wrench in the clutch drum and then used a channel lock onto that allen wrench as leverage and trust me, it took a lot, and then I finnaly got the drum removed but its toast as well. Then when it came to the clutch rings, all I could do was put a screwdriver in there and bend them in the process at the same time loosening them, my goodness why is this stuff so tight? Well I finnally got it all off there. But it looks like I could use a new shroud, pully/recoil, clutch rings and drum.

My guess is the tool that I need will be universal that will work on all clutches and not need to be prapiratary to the spacific product? I need a tool that allows me to easily remove clutches on 2-cycle engines and to install them. Otherwise, without this tool, I will not be getting this one 2-cycle engine going and since its Ryobi, the only other place it can go is in the trash. However, if there is a tool that I can buy, please tell me, and please tell me where I can buy it so that I can try and save this engine.
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First don't block the flywheel with a screwdriver, you're going to break something, remove the sparkplug and fill the cylinder partially with a small rope like a pull cord, this will block the engine from turning without breaking anything. The tool you need is a long skinny T20 torx to remove the screw in the end of the clutch housing. Hope this helps. Have a good one. Geo

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