Tecumseh Engine LEV120


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Tecumseh Engine LEV120

I have a string trimmer that the engine doesn't get any spark and I don't know how many 1000ths to set the mag to the flywheel and also what is that wire coming from the mag up under the flywheel. Is that the points and if so, how would you set those? Not getting any spark, plenty of compression, just won't start. Check continuity both ends of the wire under the flywheel, it was good. Also good from the mag to the spark plug. Please help.
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I believe most if not all LEV120 engines have solid state ignition. The spec numbers off your engine would tell us for sure. Chances are the wire you see coming out from under the flywheel is the kill switch wire. If your not getting any spark, disconnect this wire from the module and retest for spark, if you get spark then the problem could be a bad kill switch or a ground in the kill switch lead wire.

The air gap setting of an externally mounted ignition module between the flywheel magnets and the laminations of the module is .0125"
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Tecumseh Engine LEV120

Duh, boy do I feel stupid about the kill switch wire. This Tecumseh engine is a Centura 6hp. It's an LEV120 361052B and the engine family WTPXS1951BA and the displacement is 195. Do you happen to know the torque setting for the nut that holds the flywheel?

Thanks for any information that you can provide and I will try setting the mag at .0125.

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Aluminum Flywheel 37.5 ft/lbs, 40 otherwise

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