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14.5hp B&S problem

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08-21-08, 08:58 AM   #1  
14.5hp B&S problem

Hey guys thanks for any help my problem is that my huskee 38" cut lawn tractor will crank run great and cut as long as it is in the higest 2 slots but as soon as you lower the deck it dies but if you put it in the lowest 2 settings it runs like a champ until you put any weight on the seat or discharge side of the deck. i have removed and cleaned the carb but it still acts exat. the same as before new fuel new fuel filter etc.. thanks for any help. the numbers btw are model# 131m660f131 4497607 and serial 1L239B40212

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08-21-08, 09:44 AM   #2  

That's pretty unusual. I think there may be a wire that goes to one of the safety switches that perhaps is getting pinched in the mower deck hanging hardware, or the lever itself. I would check the wires from the switch that is activated by the mower engagement lever and trace them past anything that moves to see if there has been a bare spot rubbed through.

You can test this theory by disconnecting the engine's kill switch lead and then testing the mower blade operation to see if they will now work in all settings. If they do, then there is a problem somewhere in the interlock wiring or switches, if it makes no difference, then it may still be a carburetor or other engine issue.

Best of Luck...

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08-21-08, 09:45 AM   #3  
There's a safety feature called "seat switch" or "operator presence switch" that's supposed to kill the ignition on the engine if you engage the mower blades while the seat is empty or get out of the seat while the blade is engaged.

It sounds like the seat switch is defective or the connector/wiring is messed up. The connector is designed so it acts like the seat is empty when it's disconnected, so you cannot disable the safety feature by simply disconnecting the connector.

The switch is "normally closed", so it will read as a short circuit when the seat is up.

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08-21-08, 10:35 PM   #4  
I agree that it's probably a chaffed wire. Look around the parts that move when you raise/lower the deck and see where there might be a wire that moves or rubs when this happens. That will likely be the problem area.

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08-26-08, 09:02 AM   #5  
Found It

Ok just a update i tracked all the wires and found that the blade disengaugement switch had a short in it replaced it and now it runs like a top thanks for the ideas guys

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