Tecumseh won't keep running


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Tecumseh won't keep running

I have a Scott Lawnmower with a Tecumseh engine. I push the primer 3 time and the engine starts and dies. I repeat 3 time and dies. The only way I can keep it running is once it starts very quickly before it dies, pump the primer ball several more times or hold it in for about 30 seconds. After I release the primer the engine continues to run Ok. If I stop the engine and restart it, it runs fine, no problem. Only when starting when the engine is cold. The engine Model# OVRM120 22032E. The carburetor part #640274. I have removed the carb., cleaned it and replaced the breather hose to it. The fuel line looks Ok. So far nothing seems to help.
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Did you replace the top and bottom O-Ring seals on the nozzle in the carburetor when you had it apart?

If not, I would suspect that they are leaking and the carburetor is not drawing fuel properly.

Best of Luck...
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Thank you very much for the pictures and the advise. I
will change them right away.
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This is old thread, but I had the same problem. I cleaned and rebuilt the carb and still same problem. What I didn't realize was the second o-ring on the main jet. When I pulled out to clean I didn't look close enough to realize the inside o-ring had rotted and gummed up inside where the main jet slides in. I took some more cleaning and problem solved. The reason I didn't know there was the second o-ring because it didn't come out along with the jet when I pulled it.

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