Tecumseh Series 7 opinions


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Tecumseh Series 7 opinions

This is my first Tecumseh Series 7 Carb, it seems they would be very prone to failure, the plastic bowl with a clasp type retainer, plastic float retainer, the internal "O" rings. The IPL at the Sears sit shows 2 "O" rings on the main nozzle, when I opened the carb it only had one and the one for the main jet was mashed flat. Just looking for opinions of this product and what to look out for during repairs. Have a good one. Geo

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I may be one of the few fans of these carburetors, I think they are really easy to work on and aside from the O-Rings I have very little problems with them. There is only one O-ring on the nozzle and one at the jet. I usually find the one on the nozzle cracked or shrinks and does not seal, and the one on the main jet swells shut and won't let any fuel through. Be careful not to loose the spring that sits under the nozzle, it pushes the nozzle up into the carburetor body. I rarely ever even remove these carburetor to work on, I just drop the bowl and do it all from there.
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Thanks 30Year
I blew it all out with brake cleaner and installed new "O" rings, even added the one that doesn't belong(I guess) at the top of the nozzle, it surged a little when it first started, I retightened the carb bolts(they are strange also) and it seems to be fine, maybe I was a little too judgemental. Have a good one. Geo
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I have had good luck working on these as well but just an FYI, you can buy the entire "bowl kit" which will just snap on and you are done. PN#730235B before 1997 and 730237A after 1997 you just unclip the old bowl and clip the new one on. Also important is the air cleaner gasket PN#36048 for the proper priming

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