Me Again!!!


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Me Again!!!


And thanx to you three for helping me... but maybe a little more help if you could... I am certainly going to try these procedures... I was also telling my neighbor about the possibility of maybe seeing some kind of backyard mechanic during my week-ends while travelling the countryside, who might have some old Toro lying around in a scrap heap... It was pure coincidence that I happened upon such a fellow just this week-end, who showed me just that when he started up a 16 H.P. B&S engine for me just to look at the rotation of that governor arm. I think I've got the jist ofm it all but I needed to tell you that some of the linkages I believe are missing,,, therefor I'm pretty much going blind as to any other small arms or springs needed in order to adjust properly...Even if I have the right throttle and governor plate. Still trying to get photos onto this thing to show exactly what I've got on my hands here!!!
If any of you guys would have a repair manual schematic of just those linkage parts and the operation of it, that would be awsome!!! I do believe I've exhausted all of my "could be's" ... the carburator,the choke and throttle operation and the mixture of air-fuel... HELP!!

Thanx again !!!

Watch for my photos soon

Yessssss!!! I think I got it!!! Try this guys please...and thank you
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Here's a link directly to the album:

Wow, it would really help if the pictures were edited so the top is up.

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