Craftsman engine bare turns over


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Craftsman engine bare turns over

I have a craftsman 10 hp M# 502.255090 that got some bad gas ( my bad) and quit running. I put new fuel in & tried to start it. It would not start keep trying until battery ran down. Charged the (real new battery) & tried to start but the engine would only turn over once & just klonk when i turned the key again. Could I have fried something when i kept trying to start it? I need all the help I can get
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Yes, it's possible to burn up a starter motor if you keep cranking. There is no cooling on these motors and they are meant to be used for short periods at a time, 10 - 15 seconds and then let cool for awhile.

Check and see if you can spin the engine over by hand and that there is nothing binding. Then check all your connections to the battery to make sure they are clean and not loose. Its possible that the battery even if new can be bad, so before you decide that the problem is the starter motor, have the battery load tested to be sure it's good.
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The motor turns over freely by by hand the battery terminals are clean and i will have the battery checked. Is there a test i can do on the starter to see for sure if its the problem?
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Not so much a test as just pull out the starter and hook it up on the bench and see what happens. If nothing happens, then well, you know what the problem is.

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