Troy Built 5550 Generators


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Troy Built 5550 Generators


I had a Troy Built generator I purchased from Lowes in 2004. I used it for 8 days during hurricane Frances and Jeanne and it runs great. I ran it in 2006 and still running great. Now getting ready from hurricane Hanna try to start it but it's not working. I do remember shutting off the fuel switch and putting fuel stabilizer the last time I used it. I drained the fuel, replace spark plug, put new gas and took off the carburator by the air filter and clean it.
But still it still won't start. It will only start when I spray Carburator cleaner where the air filter located. What else do I need to do to get this generator working.
We have hurricane Hanna and now Ike moving to east coast Florida.

Thank You,
Red Dragon
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you will have to spray all of the ports inside of the carb and also make sure that fuel is coming thru the fuel filter to the carb. pull the drain plug and place a clean glass jar or can under the drain and switch on fuel to check for fuel flow into the carb. if the flow is good then the problem is a plugged jet or orifice in the carb.

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Like speedwrench suggested, make sure gas is getting to the carburetor. If it is, then the nozzle or metering jet may be plugged. If you can post the brand and model / spec numbers from your engine, we can be more specific with suggestions.

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