Inexpensive Stihl "011" oil pump remedy.?


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Thumbs down Inexpensive Stihl "011" oil pump remedy.?

My old Stihl has cut _way_ down on pumping bar oil.

I've replaced it's oil pump's filter and the diaphram with plunger.
It still just oozes; there's not enough to lay any down any oil on a background paper target when running it high - even after a bit of idle to get more onto the chain's track.

Our local dealer says that since messing with the pieces at their billable rate of $50.oo/hr is close to the cost of total replacement they just punt and replace the complete pump.

So I've got a couple of questions..:
- if it might be a clog in the motor's channel that drives the pump,,,
- - - - How to check that / clean that...?
- if that channel's not clogged..
- - - - Is there a reasonably priced source for the main pump body parts; or,
Any other ideas other than springing for a complete new unit..?

All suggestions appreciated..!
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welcome to the forums, can you run the saw with the bar and chain off to check for oil comeing out of the passageway on the side of the bar holder? if not then can you check that for a blockage, I have a 25 yr old farmboss and have never had a oiling problem so that about limits my answers.

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Thanx for the response;
That's one of the first things I did after finding I was needing to carry the oil refill bottle _real_ close and douse the chain manually, eh.
The volume just seemed to fade away; no whinning; just down to almost nothing.
The 011 has a ball check-valve activated -probably pushed- by a thin 'plunger' pin that's driven by a diaphram.
It would seem that either there's something amiss within the pump body where the check ball is, or perhaps the pumping action of the diaphram ain't enough on account of junk in the pressure channel back toward the cylinder.
I'm seeking information on how.. (1) to make sure the channel supplying pressure to the diaphram is clear and functional; &/or, (2) to access the part, the pump body with the check ball in it, short of having to spring for the complete unit -the whole oil pump, available locally at an outlandish $50.oo.!
As a last resort, yeah; but between here and tropical vacation resort without a wood stove to cook on during the winter, I'd choose here, rather than the 'last resort', eh.

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