Lawn-Boy-no spark - Bad Magneto?


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Lawn-Boy-no spark - Bad Magneto?

recently this Lawn-Boy Silver Pro series model 10324 with a DuraForce 6.5 hp engine purchased 7/2004 has at times been hard to start.
Now it won't start at all. . new spark plug, properly gapped.- no luck, no spark. I checked to make sure the safety brake/ignition cut out was not causing the cut out. the grounding wire is not touching any other metal - that is, it is not melted though and shorting out.

I removed the cowling and set the gap between the flywheel and the magneto armature to 0.019 inches (but also tried other gaps between 0.004 and 0.030 inches)- no spark. Good fast spinning of the flywheel using a power drill will socket attached -- no spark.

I checked the resistance between the spark plug terminal wire and the other terminal on the magneto (with the grounding wire disconnected) and I get 1.15 Mega Ohms. Shouldn't this test give me continuity.

Should I therefore conclude that this magneto is dead and go out and get a replacement magneto? My wife REALLY wants the grass mowed SOON.

Many thanks, Chuck
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Remove the module assembly and make sure the contact area where it mounts is clean and that it has a good ground, reset the air gap to around .010" and remove the kill switch lead wire from the module and retest for spark. If you still have no spark, then you can pretty much assume that the module is bad and needs to be replaced. You can look up the part number of the module you need at the Toro/Lawnboy website.
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Many thanks for such a speedy response.

Had a good clean grounding connection between the magneto and the engine, gap set, kill switch removed. ... NO SPARK.
For those with the same problem , the part number that is

stamped on the magneto is 99-2911,

Thanks, Chuck

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