generator no output


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Lightbulb generator no output

Hello ,I got this generator from a neigbor who was moving out and he gave me a generator that he got from a friend but never mess with it.The engine starts and runs good ,But I have no output on the plug-in socket. I wanted to see if it was something simple that I could trouble-shoot before I let it's pretty old but here it goes ONAN K2200 MODEL=2.2KM-1P/1B POWER EXPRESS.Can anbody tell me how to go about trouble-shooting this generator and see if it is worth it.
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I don't know much about generators. How old is this generator? My dad had an old generator that I think was an onan, but it was one of the older ones that used "brushes", instead of the new brushless designs. His would do the same thing if it sat for a long time. He used to have to take it to a repair facility and they would "flash" the brushes. I don't know what this process is, but after this happed a couple of times he was told by someone that if he ran the generator under a "load" periodically, this would not happen. Thereafter, he would start it once every month or two and run the water pump, air compressors, etc... that draw a lot of power and that seemed to stop the problem. I have a newer brushless generator and it does not seem to have that problem.
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I agree... you may have to flash or excite the fields. Google flash fields generator and you'll get different ways to do it. Easy job, if that's all it needs.
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Thanks pyroman/cheese for your info, But I will try this flash fields test and see if it has breakers /reset button on front panel .should I leave this items alone and hope that it will work. I don't know if the previous owner left it cause it didn't turn on the power at the plug in.I guess this generator is pretty old. Do you think this type might have brushes that need to be checked? burned?Iwas trying to check the output of wiring coming out of generator ,but I could not get nothing.

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