Homelite ST-155 won't start


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Homelite ST-155 won't start

So I have a Homelite ST-155 trimmer that won't start for me. I had to replace the primer bulb because it had dried out. So I got that replaced and put the carb back together and still no starting. I had to replace the fuel lines as well cuz one of them had broken off on the inside. The primer bulb doesn't seem to pull any gas from into the carb. Could it be something in the carb that isn't functioning. I cleaned the carb out with some carb and choke cleaner. The carb is a Walbro WT 220 D2. Those were the numbers that were on it not sure if they are the model # for the carb or not. I sprayed some starter fluid into the carb and after a few pulls it runs for a few seconds then dies. Any help to get this thing running would be much appreciated.
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I take it the trimmer had been running fine before replacing primer and fuel lines?

Have you tested compression?

If you say yes to these questions I would rebuild the carburetor. I would suggest a complete carburetor rebuild using the K10-WAT Repair Kit. Rubber parts have probably lost there elasticity.

If you intend to rebuild the carburetor, post back and I will offer additional tips and how to make a metering height gage.

Go to the Walbro link and download the Walbro Service Manual labeled “Diaphragm Carburetors“. Also, download the “WT” service manual for trimmers. Every detail you will need to know in these manuals.


Here is a link to the Walbro parts list. Illustration is used for more than one model WT carburetor but only parts used in the model 220 have numbers by the Description.


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