4hp Briggs & Stratton screams like a pig...


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4hp Briggs & Stratton screams like a pig...


I have a nice but old Snapper lawn mower. It often do this strange behavior: The lawn mower literally screams very loud, and the starter rope unwinds and get stuck. The one way starter clutch is new. The old had the same problem. I tried to increase recoil spring tension. No improvement. The only solution I found is to start it but tying the starter rope on the handle to prevent it from unwinding.

Any suggestion?


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The starter clutch is binding on the crankshaft. Remove the starter clutch and polish the end of the crankshaft with some fine emery tape or something comparable. Use a light lubricant inside the clutch drive (square shaft) and reinstall. This should take care of the problem.

One other thing, while you have the starter clutch off. Check the end of the crank shaft and make sure it's not flared out which can happen if the shaft is tapped with a hammer.

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