Briggs and Stratton 10HP OHV- No Compression


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Briggs and Stratton 10HP OHV- No Compression

I have a 10HP OHV Briggs and Stratton engine on a Coleman Generator that has no compression. I dropped something in the spark plug hole (I know, I know, duh) and had to remove the head an inch or so to get it out. Now I have no compression. I'm thinking I may have damaged the head gasket, although I don't know how. I checked the torque on the head bolts before I removed them and retorqued to the same. Push rods are in place. The exhaust push rod tube has a little oil in it, possibly caused when I was moving the engine.
1) Torque specs?
2) Anything else I could have done other than the head gasket?
3) If it is the head gasket, any suggestions on replacement and any other parts needed.
I bought this generator 3 years ago and never took it out the box. It has never run. I know now that the carb is probably the problem with that. Forgot that they test the engine with fuel and that probably gummed up the jet. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
Model# 204412
Type# 0156E2
Code# 050607YD
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If you have never put gas in it, then the carb shouldn't be gummed up.

As far as the compression... Check the valve clearances. Any time you remove the head, the valves need to be readjusted, and the head gasket should be changed.
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Any suggestions on where to get instructional information on how to adjust the valves (online, repair manual, etc.)? Do you think that it is likely that I damaged the head gasket just by lifting the head an inch or so and replacing it (ie. is it that sensitive?)? Also, the valves were not removed, but I assume that they will still need to be readjusted, is that correct? Thanks for your help.
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You can find basic information at the Briggs website

The head gasket should be replaced, because once it has been compressed, it's likely that it will not seal or start leaking when the engine gets hot. Any time you remove the head on an OHV engine you will need to readjust the valves, tolerances are in the thousands of inches, so changes in the head torque values can make a big difference in the valve clearances.

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