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Unhappy Portable Gas Generator Advice

Help! I am in need of a portable gas generator in the 1500 to 2500 watt range. I want it for camping and tail-gating. I have read and searched until I am more confused that before. Wish I could afford the Honda 2000, but it is out of my budget. Looking for one in the $400.00, or less, range, with the lowest DB rating. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Unfortunatley you will not find a very quite genset for your budget, unless you want to go with a Chinese clone. I would probably have to recommend Sears as they have quite a selection, and most anything from Sears will usually have good parts availability.
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i second 30yt, price is everything on the noise level of gen sets. and boy does a loud gen set get annoying after several hours.

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Check craigslist in your area. I always find good deals there. The best are the ones that need carb work. Just got a Honda 3500 watt for $75.00 because the carb needed to be cleaned.
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Again, price is everything. I have a 5200 watt cheapo generator that cost me as much as my Honda 1000 watt super quiet generator.

I use the Honda for camping all the time. You can stand right over it and have a conversation at normal levels. The Honda is where its at for camping- don't drive your camping buddies crazy!

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