Weedeater PE550 troubles


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Weedeater PE550 troubles

I have a PE550 weed eater(edger) that I can't keep running. I have the carb off 4 times cleaned and blown out. I can spray starter fluid in the spark plug hole and will run until starter fluid burns off. Took the shroud off and found that the muffler is completely destroyed (i.e. falling apart). Actually looks like an M80 blew up in it. Could this stop it from running? Inspected the cylinder and piston and they are fine. Fuel pick up is good too. Anything else someone may be able to suggest??

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The muffler would not affect starting unless it was blocked.

Have you tested compression?

Are the fuel lines good; they are not sucking air are they?

Instead of using starting fluid use the fuel/oil mix you normally use. Starting fluid contains no oil and cylinder damage could result.

Did you remove welch plugs when cleaning the carburetor? Did you install a kit in the carburetor?

Go to the Walbro link and download the Walbro Service Manual labeled “Diaphragm Carburetors“. Also, download the “WT” service manual for trimmers. Every detail you will need to know in these manuals.


Here is a link to Walbro part lists.

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Thanks, I'll check those sites now. I hate weed eater products!!! Too small to work on. LOL

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