2002 Murray Lawn Tractor


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2002 Murray Lawn Tractor

Hi new to this site. I have a 2002 Murray Lawn Tractor that I just picked up for $200. The previous owner only used it for 3 summers and seemed to think that there was transaxle or pump problems. I got it home and decided on a complete overhaul. Jumped the gun there. The transaxle on this model is servicable but the pump is not. I took them both apart and couldn't find anything wrong with them other than very low and black / gummy oil .

What I now need to know is the fluid type for the pump. I know that the transaxle takes 80W90 gear oil but does the pump take the same. I also need to know that amounts of fluid for the pump. Of course I forgot to bring the model number with me but it is on a 2002 Murray wide body LT with 17 hp Briggs and Straton motor, tecumseh pump and peerless transaxle.

Also can you supplement fully synthetic 75W90 in place of the conventional gear oil? I allready have it on hand.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
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The pump is not going to use gear oil, most likely 10W30 or 20W50, but really need the model number off your unit, or the model number of the pump to find out what is recommended.
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Ok ive got the model numbers for both the pump and the ransaxle. Didn't get the number for the mower itself but will if needed.

Transaxle Peerless 6840 P91 12700268

Pump Peerless 6845 P91 12710009

If the pump indeed takes a lighter weight oil like mentioned then the oil that was in there was crying to be replaced. It had the consistency of molases.

Also what is this bentonite grease I keep reading about?
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Anyone help me please. I really need to get my mower back together.
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You need to identify the transaxle in your tractor. I suspect it will be a Peerless 205 VST
The numbers you listed are meaningless to me.

Use this link to locate your model number.


Here is a link to a Peerless service manual. There will not be much on Hydros since they were never meant to be fully repairable.


This links have information that will help if your transaxle is a 205 VST



Good luck,

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Hey again. Thanks for the help thus far but im still not entirely sure what I need.

I found an additional model number on both the transaxle and the pump both of which are pressed into the units.

Pump is 6733-P1
Transaxle is 6780-P1

Not sure is this is more accurate info that might be needed but I am at a stand still until I figure out what and how much goes into these things.

Thanks again in advance

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