4 cycle weedeater


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4 cycle weedeater

My wife got impatient waiting on me to fix my old sthil weedeater and went to sears and bought a new weedeater. I haven't assembled it yet but glanced thru the manual and read that you must adjust the valves with every oil change

Until today I didn't even know they made a 4 cycle weedeater. Is this common maintence? is it realy neccesary?
I don't guess it is all that big of a deal to do although I've never gotten that involved on a small engine.
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Like the saying says, " IF everything else fails follow the instructions."

You can get by without adjusting them, at least for awhile. By adjusting the valves at every oil change you are actually performing preventive maintenance.
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Ya, I figured they didn't include that in the manual just to jump start my blood pressure

I guess I'll find out at the 1st oil change how much hassle [if any] it is. Thanks for your reply
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The little 4-stroke trimmers usually start getting hard to start when the valves need adjustment, at least thats how I tell it's time to adjust the ones on my trimmer.

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