Honda HDR 214 runs 5 minutes shuts down


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Honda runs for 5 minutes

Hah- I have you all beat! My Honda HDR 214 (it is about 3-4 yrs old, and hasnt been used in a long while) self-propelled motor runs for 5 minutes before it shuts down. I have to wait an hour for it to cool off before it starts up again. I thought it might be a vapor lock on my mower, so I loosed the cap, but no luck. I am about to attempt to clean the carburetor, but it seems that if it was fouled, I wouldnt get 5 good minutes out of it. Any suggestions?? Thanks

By the way, this is my first the website!!
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I moved your post so you will have a thread dedicated to your problem. Airman

When the engine quits running and if you have a spark tester, attach the tester and check to see if you get spark immediately after engine shuts off.

If you do not have a spark tester check for spark by removing the spark plug immediately after engine shuts off. Ground the "hex" part of the spark plug to a bare metal part of the engine. Start the engine and see if you have spark.

If you do not have spark the ignition coil is bad.

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