Honda HR214 SX smokes


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Honda HR214 SX smokes

I've had this mower since new, somewhere back in the early to mid 80s. It has started to smoke and use oil recently (a lot). It would always smoke a bit once first started and then quit. I'm guessing that the rings are finally showing wear after all of these years. I don't think you can kill this mower. I really hate to get rid of it. How much of a job would it be to replace the rings? Do I have to go oversize or just had the cylinder honed and replace with standard size. Any help or advice is appreciated. I'm not a mechanic but can generally manage with most weekend projects, or should I just bite the bullet and get rid of it? Thanks
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I'm not familiar with that particular model (though I suspect it has an engine much like the current Honda GXV160) but I am familiar with engine work.

Replacing rings is not difficult - it that's all that it needs. If the cylinder bore is out of wack, you may need to have a machine shop bore and hone it. Additionally, given its age, you may open it up and find plenty of other things that need to be done. Rings, if you can still find them will likely be $15-$25, a gasket set will be another $15-$25, plus the machine shop charges, plus your time.

I guess what I'm getting at is since small engines are generally so cheap to begin with ( lists a new GXV160 for $195), it normally isn't cost effective to go to the trouble to rebuild them when they wear out. A busy machine shop may not even want to touch a small engine.

You could tear it apart and make a decision based on what you see inside. It doesn't sound like you have much to lose taking that approach...

The Kawasaki FC150V, although it isn't made any more, is also an excellent small engine - though I can't say if it will fit on your particular mower. I have a FC150V on a 1996 Snapper 21" commercial mower that I have well over 1200 hours on. It hasn't given me an once of trouble and doesn't burn any oil. I heard about problems with the FC150V's successor - the FJ180V - though I think they have resolved those problems with the latest revisions.

Good luck!

- Joe

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