Small Engine Storage and Fogging


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Small Engine Storage and Fogging

I'd like to inquire opinions or expertise on the need for "fogging" small engines before storing for the winter or extended periods. My brother swears by this. I have found and purchased fogging spray but have yet to do so on any of my small engines. I have never read this need in any owners manuals or small engine repair on-line resources.

My brothers argument that it keeps the inner carbuerator coated is valid.

Oner argument I have against this is that you are supposed to spray until it stalls the engine. One concern I have is this now has prevented my other effort of running all the gas out of the engine which I have read many times can cause clogging without gas stabilizer.

Does anyone have any intellignece on this?
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Used it for years on my Johnson 50 float boat engine--worked good...........
I have ten small engines on various machines at home--
I run the gas out of them--no fogging--they start when I need them..............
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If you attempt to run a small engine dry before storage there is always some left in the bottom of the bowl or setting on/under the diaphram which is just the right amount to evaporate and create the beginning of varnish problems. I have had the best experience using a product such as Sta-Bil in my fuel and filling the tank full(the full tank leaves no room for condensation) and running it a short time to distribute the stabilized fuel throughout the fuel system then store it. You can do the same thing without the stablizer, however for the normal homeowner who starts in the spring and gets a storage tank of fuel for the summer then fills the engine with that fuel, is using fuel that is already 3 months old and has started to degrade and will be 6 months old when put back into use. I am not familar with fogging but unless it is introduced through the fuel line it is not going to help the fuel system. Have a good one. Geo
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ps: forgot to say that I use Sta-Bil in my gas...............
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I used fogging oil on my Johnson 50 hp engine-- for coating
the cylinders not in the fuel...............
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wait untill the engine starts to stumble as it runs out of fuel.
spray the fogger as required, and park the piston at TDC so the valves are closed. drain the carb bowl and fuel tank if desired.

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