Craftsman Mower/Mulcher Won't Shut Off


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Craftsman Mower/Mulcher Won't Shut Off

I have a Craftsman Self Propelled lawn mower with a 6.75HP motor that will not shutoff when I release the handle. There is a cable that runs from the handle down to a bracket which in turn moves and engaes something else. Up where this bracket is moving I noticed a green wire which originates from the front on the engine and ends up underneath the cowling and it is no longer attached there. Is this the problem? Does that short out when the handle is released and shut the engine off? Any feedback is appreciated.
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Take the engine cover off--see if you can find where the
green wire belongs--may be your problem............
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Yes, the green wire should be plugged into a spade terminal on the back side of the ignition module. To kill the engine a switch grounds this wire and shorts the primary winding in the module, which causes the module to stop sending spark to the plug.
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Thankyou gentlemen. I will now try to figure out how to remove the cowling/cover. The end of the wire does look like it belongs to a spade connection. I only see 2 bolts on the front of the cover. Are there more?
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2 on the front and 2 on the back. You did not give model number but you will have to remove fuel tank to access 2 on the back. 6.75HP you most likely have 3, 5/16 bolts to remove to remove tank. You will need to remove dipstick to lift tank over oil fill tube. Lift tank straight up as it is sleeved into engine cover. You then have one 5/16 bolt on the oil fill tube you need to remove. This will allow you to remove cover, leaving oil fill tune in the block.
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SEG, I got the top off and I have the green wire hooked to the front (I think the ignition module) and the other end goes where? This is the end that was under the cover and not hooked to anything. I see no where to hook this end. Please bear with my mechanical ignorance.


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