replacement connecting rod binding on crank shaft


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replacement connecting rod binding on crank shaft

Hi all. Im hoping to get some trouble shooting advice here.

I have a Troy built chipper/vac with a Tecumseh engine. Model/Serial number H50 65582V (B) 3263D

The chipper stopped suddenly last fall as it was running full throttle. I thought it was out of gas but that was not the problem.

When I say it stopped, there was no out of the ordinary noise, just sorta wound down. That takes a while with the shredder fly wheel attached. I thought it seemed to spin a LOT longer then normal when it shut down.

Naturally now that I need it again for leaves, im finally getting around to fixing it.

I tore the engine down and found the connecting rod was in 6 pieces. There does not appear to be anything else damaged .. the piston, rings, cylinder, gears, crank shaft all seem to look ok.

I ordered a replacement connecting rod and gaskets from Pats Small engine on the internet. I got a Stens 510-218 replacement connecting rod.

When i reassembled the connecting rod and tighten the bolts finger tight, the piston and crank shaft turn smoothly. as i tighten the bolts even slightly beyond finger tight it starts to bind on the crank shaft, just a little torque makes it totally immobile.

Im stumped. the area on the crank shaft where the connecting rod attaches looks clean and feels smooth. I dont see anything that could be causing this binding unless the connecting rod is defective in some way.

All thoughts and suggestions as to where to go from here are appreciated.

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Either there is aluminum transfer on the crankshaft that needs to be removed, or the rod is wrong. I suspect the former.

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