Kohler getting the best of me

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Kohler getting the best of me

I have a Kohler K321A spec #60294D engine in 1975 Case 444
garden tractor. I have 90lbs compression, have spark, and to make sure it is getting gas, I put gas down the plug hole. No start. Sounds like it almost wants to start, but won't. I did get a short sputter out of it for about 10 seconds which sounded like a V-8 trying to run on 2 cylinders. I have cleaned the carb,soaking it overnite and blowing it with compressed air, new needle & seat, checked the float and it does float and no fluid in side, tried the factory settings of 2.5 turns on idle screw and 3.5 turns on the high speed screw, trying to start it with out the air filter installed. Still no start. It is spitting gas out of the carb when trying to start. I know I am almost there, but I am stumped. I know it is something small and stupid that I am missing here.
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Have you checked the valves for proper lash??
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Take a look at the Kohler manual and see what it says about cleaning the carburetor. Did you remove welch plugs and clean behind them? Did you probe orifices with copper wire to clean them? Unless a carburetor is extremely gummed up I prefer using aerosol carburetor cleaned. An inexpensive brand from an auto parts store should work.

Have you checked valve clearance?

Has the timing been set?

If you do not have a manual get a free PDF copy here.

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Your carb settings sound off to me. I seem to remember that 1 1/2 turns out on both screws got you close to where you needed to be, at least good enough to run and allow you to dial it in by ear.
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I agree, sounds like it is flooding due to carb problems or settings. The spitback could be a valve issue, but the fact that it ran really rough for 10 seconds along with the fuel spitting out during cranking makes me think it is flooding. Does the carb drip gas?

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