Honda Mower Won't Keep Running


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Honda Mower Won't Keep Running

I have a Honda Harmony II, Model HRT216TDA. I noticed that something sounded loose the last few times that I mowed. Now the mower runs fine standing still, but tries to die when I start to move it. I started to remove cover and have a look, but I remembered trying this on an old mower and having the pull starter assembly disassemble itself. Any clues to what might be wrong? Is pull starter assy encapsulated on these newer mowers? Thanks.
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The starter will not come apart, unless you take it apart, simply removing the 3 nut that hold it down on the engine and lifting it up will not cause any problems.

I would check the ignition module perhaps it has come loose and is rubbing against the flywheel, you may have a bare wire that is grounding out, but you will have a better idea once the top cover is lifted off and you can see under it.

Let us know what you find and we will go from there.

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