Power Washer Recommendation


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Power Washer Recommendation

I see in HD that they have both a gas and an electric power washer rated at 2000 psi. Any reason not to go with the electric? I hate to mess with a gasoline engine. Is 2000 psi adequate to clean the outside of gutters? Our house is Al siding that has been painted. What is the risk of peeling the paint off?


W. Wolfe
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Pressure washer

The electric and vertical shaft pressure washers are not worth what you will pay for them. They will not last much longer than the warranty if you take really good care of them. You need to spend some money for a machine that has an IC engine or honda GX engine and a CAT or a General Pump probably starting at $800.00 and up. Husqvarna has one model 6027PW $850.00 2700 PSI Pressure Washer - Honda GX170 CAT pump. The other pumps are just not worth it. I would just rent one when I needed one. And yes they can peel the paint off.

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pressure washer reviews

Some rules of thumb:

Car washing: 700 to 1,000 PSI

Cleaning decks / house sidings: 1,000 to 1,500 PSI

Heavy duty equipment and agricultural uses: 2,000 to 3,000 PSI

Concrete surfaces and industrial uses: 3,000 + PSI
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I have had a small 1200PSI electric coleman power washer for about 5 years now. I use it once a week to clean out my garage, and the worst that has ever happened was the orifice in the spray wand wore out, and 20USD later I had it running again with a new wand and hose. I have taken it apart before and the only non-durable parts seem to be the housing itself. The pump is a triplex type directly coupled to the 110V electric motor that runs it. It is quieter, more convenient, and best of all I plug it into the neighbors outlet so I don't pay for the electric

Be forewarned, the way you set the spray nozzle determines how much damage you do to the receiving end of what you are spraying. If I set my nozzle to 0 deg it will chip paint and gouge out the cracks in my driveway.
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For around the house i use a Karcher 1600 psi electric.
Have had it for 4 years with no problems.

Iv'e used to wash the house siding,car,boat,wood deck,concrete walk. It is plenty powerful for my uses.
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I have a bit of advice to offer since I've gone through this recently. Before, we had a small house, driveway, etc. and my old Karcher 2200psi machine was great for that. 3.5 years ago we bought a 2400 sq. ft. home and had a 350+ ft. concrete driveway poured and we also have a detached garage and carport. I had to get something larger to clean all this. I searched and found a great closeout deal at Sears. It's the Sears version of the B&S 3400psi Elite machine that has an 8-8.5 B&S engine and a well built AR pump. I found it at a closeout cost of $560 NIB. Killer deal........ Has a pro style gun/wand and some nice quick disconnect nozzles, adjustable pressure and a unique idle control that idles the engine down while under low pressure (either at idle or detergent dispensing) and this saves gas and wear/tear on the pump and engine. It also has a hose reel, but is a bit flimsy in design, but works OK.

I'd say get the most pressure you can afford and you can adjust that pressure for different applications. Some pumps allow adjustment at the pump, but I find it easier and more accurate to change the tips to give more pressure/lower flow or more flow/lower pressure.

No amount of pressure seems OK for aluminum gutters because they usually develop a type of stain that can only be removed with an acid based cleaner. I have found that some stains just won't come off regardless of the pressure or detergent used. Sometimes you can destroy the surface before the stain will lift.

More info...... stay away from the bargain machines you see at Wal-Mart, the cheaper machines you see at Lowe's, HD and other places. These are made to last 100-200 hours and then be thrown away. Get something with a good quality engine (B&S or Honda) and a good camshaft type pump or a high end axial cam pump. And yes B&S engines are as good as any and there are fantastic axial cam pumps available, even though most people don't believe it. My AR pump is an axial cam design and is rated for 800 hours and can be rebuilt. And with a 0 degree tip can peel mortar off of brick, cut through a 1X4 piece of wood and etch concrete. I don't need more cleaning pressure than that. Later!

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