tips on starting 8 hp troy bilt tiller


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tips on starting 8 hp troy bilt tiller

I have a 8 hp troy bilt tiller with tecumseh engine. Just had it serviced ,ran fine when I picked it up. Week later, i wanted to turn under my garden, it wont start. It is so hard to pull, it about breaks my arm. Its about 20 years old. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Is it hard to crank because it kicks back, or just hard to overcome the compression, or...? If it kicks back, I'd say the flywheel key may be sheared.
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pull the spark plug and see if it spins easily, also check to see if it is fuel locked. sometimes if a gravity feed engine is left sitting the carb will over flow and fill the cylinder with fuel which will lead to the pulling problem you are describing.

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its hard too pull because of compression( I believe)
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I'm in agreement with Speedwrench, I think your cylinder is full of fuel.
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whats the best way to get fuel out of cylinder? Thanks in advance
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Pull the spark plug and pull rapidly several times. Be careful as to what is in front of the spark plug hole as gas/oil may be blown out. Check oil level, if overfull carb needle and seat may need attention (said it was just serviced was this part of the service)?

One other thought with regard to engine pulling hard, are you sure the belt is disengaged while you are trying to start? This would make it hard as well.

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