Yet another "Mower won't start" post (Craftsman Eager-1)


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Yet another "Mower won't start" post (Craftsman Eager-1)

I acquired a broken Craftsman Eager-1 mower to see if I could get it running. I took it apart and cleaned the major parts and put it back together. It fired up but died immediately.

Then I decided to take the carburetor apart and clean it. I couldn’t take the carb off the block (because it required a “star socket”) but I was able to clean out the bowl and clear out any passages.

I put it back together and it finally started up and remained on. I ran it for about 20 seconds as I adjusted the throttle.

Two days later I went to mow the yard and it wouldn’t fire. I noticed that some gas slowly leaked from the bottom of the carb bowl so I tightened the screw a bit.

I got a new spark plug, cleaned the bowl again, and flushed the gas. When I took the new spark plug out, it wasn’t wet but it smelt like gas. There’s not much to a mower engine so I am stumped as to what could be wrong.

Any suggestions on how to get it running again?
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I would definitely get a Torx bit (star shaped) set and take off the carb and give it a thorough cleaning. If you have an air compressor, blow out the jets. Also, check the carb bowl nut and make sure those holes are clear. I recently learned that from this website. I would check that first and then if that doesn't fix the problem, then purchase the Torx bit set and blow out the carb.
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I think the carb is flooding the engine. Take off the float and shake it near your ear. Do you hear gas sloshing in it?

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