8hp briggs starts and runs while choked


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8hp briggs starts and runs while choked

Hello and good day all, I have scoured the internet for answers to my question and hope to find it here. I recently acquired a 1975 Sears tiller with an 8hp briggs and stratton, I have rebuilt the ignition system, carburetor, fuel filter, and fuel lines. I have been able to start the tiller for moments along the way, and now find myself very close. The engine runs well when I have the choke on full or if I cover the intake. I thought this issue may have stemmed from the breather assembly so I removed it cleaned it and replaced the internal filters and gaskets, to no avail. After the carb was rebuilt I started the adjustments at 1.25 turns out and this seemed fine, when it runs it sounds like a champ. After the engine runs for a few minutes I really have to play with the choke adjustment to keep her purring. when it starts to die I can choke it fully or place my hand over the intake and keep it running. I tried going back and forth with air mixture turning it all the way in while running and adjusting out, the same with the fuel mixture. I am at a loss. Any help would be great. Thanks for listening. Mark.
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Haven't messed with small engines in awhile, but it definitely sounds like it's running really lean. I'd say one thing to check would be anything that could allow excess air to flow into the engine, such as intake bolts, cylinder head bolts, etc. If excess air is getting into the engine (other than what is going through the carb) that would cause a lean condition requiring more fuel to balance it all out. Later!
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Definitely a carb restriction. Did you soak the carb in a dip style carb cleaner? Are the orifices in the bowl nut clear?

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