New Generator Problems


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New Generator Problems

Bought not 1, but 6 of these generators that are 13,500 starting watts, 8000 continuous watts 15 HP Briggs and Stratton generators.

It's an I/C motor with OHV, horizontal shaft motor.

I believe without a doubt I have water in the gas. Any load on the generator and it cuts out, will run fine on choke without load...but when you start adding electrical load it will instantly start fouling.

The shortcut way I'm assuming is using a gas dryer, but I feel there's too much water in it.

With the air filter off, if I quickly throw from choke to off-choke, a little bit of water will spritz out of the butterfly assembly.

I'd say the gas has to be pitched out of the tank, get the housing off the carb and somehow get all this water out of the system.

I sold the other 5 this week and nobody had problems, just me.

I'm hoping for a carburetor sp? bowl like the old style but from what I see, nothing of the nature......that is what has me concerned.

Any thoughts or do I need to just tear it down like I did with these small motors when I did this years ago?

Short of taking it to a repair shop....I'd like to give it a try.
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should be able to remove the carb bowl and dump the fuel into something so you can see if has water in the bottom. if water in fuel you will also need a new fuel filter when you get the water out. couple of cans of gas drier should get you up and running.

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Without engine model numbers it is impossible to give specific advice. I am thinking the carburetor is dirty and needs cleaning. You may have some water but I do not think that is the problem. Clean the carburetor, replace fuel filter, drain the gas and replace with fresh gas. I suggest you remove the bowl, clean the bowl and clean inside the carburetor with an aerosol carburetor cleaner. If this does not work, you will have to remove the carburetor for a more thorough cleaning. Below is a link that may help with the carburetor.

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I agree, post the model# of the engine for specifics on the carb. Sounds like you have a vanguard engine? If so, the bowl is there, just a little different from what you're thinking.

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