Troybuilt start sequence/swith location help.


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Red face Troybuilt start sequence/swith location help.

B&S put a new engine in my Troybuilt Riding mower.
I see they added a panel under the Ign switch that has an LED and a message. (my eyes arent good enough to read the message. I dont know what it says)

Now I have two problems with the electrical sequence of starting and mowing.

First, on starting. With the Speed lever in lock, you should be able to start the engine with the key.

Nope! I have to put the clutch all the way down.

I cannot find a switch attatched to the Clutch lever.
The 'Speed Lock lever switch' works.

Second problem:
When I try to engage the mower, the engine dies immediatly.
I replaced the switch under the Battery box that's attatched to the Engaging lever and verified it to work with a meter.

It's like it thinks its in Reverse gear.
I pulled that wire off the grounding switch, but that did not change anything.

What am I missing?
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Sounds like they have installed an “Operator Controlled Reverse Electrical System - Reverse Module Control (RMC)”. It does have an LED indicator and instructions in small print.

The RMC was designed to incorporate safety features but can be a headache.

Express your displeasure to the business that installed it. Ask for a different option.
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Holy Cow, what will they think of next?
If that's the problem, the Guy that put the new engine on, who also put that RMC on, couldnt figure it out either.
I'll get some help reading that thing. Maybe its the problem.
Thanks a bunch.

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