John Deere with Kawasaki engine


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John Deere with Kawasaki engine

Hi all, I need some pro advice;
I was given a JD mower, model TY149MC484779 code G096B it has a Kawasaki FC150V AS02 engine. It has been stored for 5 yrs and the person didn't know why.
My question, since I have never delt with a Kaw engine on a mower. Is/Was it a good mower, is the engine a good engine and where is its weak point that might have failed. I know I am asking "How long is a rope", however, I need to start somewhere. Have a good one. Geo
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Obviously you think it's in good enough shape to try saving so I'd jump right in and try to get it to run: drain & clean the gas tank, replace the fuel lines, give the carb. a good cleaning, change the oil and see what happens.
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It is a good base to start with. If the motor will turn over, and you don't see any parts falling off. I had a jd with the same motor. The mower deck fell apart, but it still runs good.

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In my book, Kawasaki engines rank at the very top of the list. I'd say the chances are that the engine is good, and needs a carb cleaning. Get it cranking over and see what happens. Most kawasakis outlast the equipment they're bolted to in my experience.
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I would like to thank everyone for their replies, it's time to go get this thing running. Have a good one. Geo
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Does anyone know where I can get and IPL for the mower, so far I have found a broken clutch/brake cable and the housing for the clutch/brake cable is missing. Thanks and Have a good one. Geo
JH -Model TY149MC484779 Code G096B
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The number you give as the model number is not the model number accepted by the JD parts catalog. I realize JD uses a tag with a model number but that is not the model numer needed to look up parts. Number may be four digits, normally, something like JX75 or 14SB, printed on the mower.

You can look up parts for the mower at the website below:
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Those engines are bullet proof, I have had excellent results with equipment that have this engine. Mostly I see carburetor issues from older stale fuel, and I have had a few Ignition module failures, but otherwise no real problems.
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I drained the old gas, smelled like an old paint can so i guess it has been in there for a long, long time. I wired the clutch/brake cable open and gave it a shot of starter fluid, the darn thing started on the first pull and ran for the normal 2/3 seconds. I have had no luck finding a model conversion from the one on the sticker to one that the JD parts site likes, so will go to the JD dealer and see if they can help. I think it must have been put in storage because the cable broke and someone didn't want to mess with it, some people just have too much money to waste their time trying to fix or get fixed some very good stuff. Thanks all and have a good one. Geo
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Hi all;
I soaked and cleaned the carb, didn't replace anything. It fired right up and purrs like a kitten, I am really impressed with the engine. The JD dealer pointed out my mistake with the model number and it is a 14SM it is rated at 4.5 hp but it sure seemed stronger than that as I was playing in pretty high grass. I may need to go talk to Dr. Phil soon, it seems I'm starting to get attached to some of the disguarded mowers I pick up. Have a good one. Geo
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For what it's worth, I have a FC150V on a 21" Snapper commercial mower. The mower is 10 years old and has at least 1200 hrs of use on it. I did a leakdown test on the engine last weekend and it was less than 2%. The FC150V is a very good engine in my book.

- Joe

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