Self-propel Drive Cable detached


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Self-propel Drive Cable detached

I have a Toro 22in Recycler Lawn Mower (model #: 20064) and my self-propel drive cable has become detached. The cable got snagged on a bush branch and pulled the cable from taught but still worked. When I went to tighten the cable, so it wasn't loosen and hanging from the handle to prevent snagging again, I noticed the hook spring at the end of the cable wasn't connected to anything.

I took the casing of the drive mechanism off near the front wheel to see if there was an obvious place to re-hook the spring, but I couldn't find one. I'd really like to do this my self to save some money, but also to gain some knowledge. The mower runs fine but I'd rather not mow with a loose hook/spring dangling under the wheel.

If anyone can point me in the direction as to where this is to be connected, I'd greatly appreciate the help.
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Go to the website below and download publication 492-4733 Toro/Lawn-Boy Walk Behind Power Mower Drive Systems.
I think the answer is in the manual and more.

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Thanks..that helped with the spring...

Now, I'm going to show a bit of naiveté here, but the cable itself has a good amount of slack in it. I thought connecting the spring would do the trick but I followed the directions int he user manual and the manual you linked me to, but with the cable heavily slacked, I don't see how I can get the cable taught again and to activate the self-propel drive. Obviously the cable is at it's specified length...what else am I missing in getting this taught and the drive to work?
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If it is properly hooked up at each end, and you pulled the inner cable to the rear while pushing the jacket to the front, as described in the manual, it should run okay.

If your concern is a sagging cable catching in another bush, tape the assembly to the handle assembly to reduce the large bow shape to two small ones.
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I did everything the manual and other books said to, I just don't know if the cable is supposed to wrap around something or not.

I'll keep researching, but any further help is appreciated.
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No the cable does no wrap around anything, you can either tape as prevoiusly suggested or use some tie wraps to attach the cable close to the handle.

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