riding mower stops running


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riding mower stops running

Last week, my Sears lawn tractor, DYT 4000, 18.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, just stopped running as I was cutting the grass. After a few minutes I could restart it to finish cutting the grass. Last evening as I was cutting the grass the same thing happened. I could restart the mower a couple of times and continue cutting the grass but eventuyally it got too dark to continue cutting. Today the engine turned over after some effort but only ran for about 2 minutes. I tuned the tractor up in the spring -replaced spark plug, air and fuel filters, and replaced the original battery (4 or 5 years old). July of this year the tractor would not turn over and I called Sears for service. The problem was a faulty ignigtion coil which was replaced at a somewhat hefty price. Any suggestions for fixing the problem myself would be appreciated.
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Replace spark plugs and see if problem continues. If it does when engine shuts off immediately check for spark. If there is no spark wait till it cools and check again. If spark comes back you have a faulty ignition coil.

Spark plug ignition testers are available at auto parts stores for less than $10.00.

Sears or you should have a record of repair in July. Most ignition coils have a one year warranty.
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Airman, thanks for the advice. I tried starting the mower and the engine would not turn over this time. I pulled the spark plug and had my son start the mower as I held the plug cable and did not see a spark from the plug. I did get a slight shock from the plug cable everytime my son tried to start the mower. I'm assuming this means the cable is bad and should be replaced or that there is a short someplace. Does this sound right?
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I think by "not turn over", you mean it would not start, but it turns over fine, right? If it's not turning over, you may have battery, starter, or solenoid issues.

Was the spark plug touching metal on the engine when you checked for spark? If not, it will not spark.

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