Electrical Problem


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Electrical Problem

I just had an old Canadiana lawn tractor made by Wetern International given to me. The tractor won't start due to an electrial problem. When you turn the key to the first position the head lights come on, but when you turn the key to the start position nothing happens. Is this a sign that the whole key switch needs to be replaced, or is there something else that could cause this problem?

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Could be the key switch, starter solenoid, safety interlock or starter. You will need a multi-meter or at least a 12 volt test light to trouble shoot your issue.

Check for power coming into your switch at the terminal marked with a "B" and then check for power coming out of the switch at the terminal marked with a "S" when the key is in the start position.

How many terminals are on your starter solenoid??

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Electrical Problem


Thanks for your post. I will check on Tuesday and let you know how many terminals are on the starter solenoid, but wouldn't the solenoid be working if when I turn the key on to the first position and the head lights come on? Anyway I will take your advice and check everything with a multi-meter. Thanks for the info Ken.


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The solenoid only sends power to the starter, nothing else. It could be the problem, check for power at the small terminal on the solenoid when trying to crank while you're checking things.

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