Blown motor


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Blown motor

well, i did the carb kit with great success, which i have never heard that mower run that good. but today when i was mowing the motor was running great and it decided to thrash. i broke the connecting rod. it has a lot of "burnt" stuff on the piston and valves. Is this something that i could tackel or is it a pro job??
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First you have to determine if it would even be cost effective to fix this engine. If it is your typical single cylinder aluminum bore "hunk of junk" push mower engine, don't even bother. You can buy a new one for $100-$200. On the other hand, if we're talking about a $1000 commercial-grade lawn tractor engine, it might be worth trying to repair it. Unless you're familiar with this type of repair, leave it to a pro.

- Joe

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