Craftsman Rider mower belt changing


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Craftsman Rider mower belt changing

Hi there,

I have changed the belt on the mower deck already. One question on this. I have a running discussion with someone. When the mower deck is disengaged the belt appears loose, but once you engage the deck it tightens up. I think this is fine and it has worked for a whole season OK. Am I right?

Question 2. The motion drive belt has broken today. I have ordered the belt and will receive soon. How tough is this to change? Doesn't seem too bad from the instruction.


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#1: That's the way clutching belts generally are, loose when disengaged and tight in the engaged position.

#2: That all depends upon your specific model number, some are easy, some are a pain. You may have to remove the mower deck to gain access to the drive belt.

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